Tourist Attractions in Semarang

Have you ever traveled to Central Java?

Central Java probably does not offer much of tourist destination options like Bali does, but the province has many things and experience to offer.

It is easy to reach Central Java. The capital city is Semarang, and airlines from Jakarta and Surabaya fly to the Achmad Yani International Airport in Semarang.

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As for the tourist destination, one of the most famous in Semarang is Lawang Sewu (A Thousand Doors). It is often used as shooting locations for horror-themed programs, because rumor said that this place is haunted. When you visit Lawang Sewu, actually the place is not creepy at all. It has European architecture, and all of the corners seems like screaming histories. It is a really must-visit place in Semarang.


While in there, you also need to try the famous Lumpia Semarang. It is a kind of fried dumpling, filled with egg, bamboo shoots, fresh vegetables and meat. The crispy crust, savory filling, and sweet-spicy dipping sauce are really worth to try!

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Exciting and Photogenic Activities You Can Do in Bali

Taking beautiful and memorable photos is probably one thing you cannot miss during your holiday. You will share it via your social media account and probably save it in your personal photo albums. It is safe to say that a perfect vacation is when you can spend it to the max with your beloved ones, and you can take great photos during the holiday.

Bali offers you many activities that fit this requirement. Not only the places are naturally beautiful, but the exciting activities you can do there also make it more memorable.

In Gianyar, you can try diving with Bali Underwater Scooter–which you won’t need diving certificate to do that. All you need to do is sit on a yellow scooter and wear the ‘head bubble’, and just make your way to explore the beautiful underwater life in Bali.

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Recommended Glamping Grounds Near Jakarta

Escaping the hectic road in Jakarta and enjoying the lush green forest with fresh air, is surely a good alternative to refresh your mind. Instead of staying the night in the conventional hotel, camping will sure give you extraordinary experience. We’ll have some recommended glamorous camping (glamping) grounds nearby so you and your family can try on weekend :

Tanakita Camping Ground, Sukabumi


Situated in front of Gede Pangrango National Park, Tanakita offers a convenient place for glamping as well as many outdoor activities to choose from. With 20-22 degrees temperature during the day, you can imagine how fresh the air is in there.

Legok Kondang, Ciwidey


Located in Ciwidey, a couple of hours south of Bandung, Legok Kondang offers beautiful scenery and a spacious ground for plenty of outdoor activities.

Trizara Resort


If you are a nature enthusiast who wants a nice place to admire and enjoy the nature without having to compromise on convenience and comfort while doing it, Trizara Resort may be a perfect place for you. Here you can enjoy the glamorous camping experiences with your friends and family, with the complete facilities and exquisite service.

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Beware of These Scams in Bali!

As one of the most favorite tourist destinations, there are many visitors come to Bali every day. While this will bring advantage to the local government, there are some bad people who use the opportunity to scam the tourists. It is important to be aware of these scams when you’re visiting Bali.


The scam that you’ll most likely encounter is the taxi rides. There are many ‘dark taxis’ that will charge you with a huge amount of bill without noticing you. Just make sure that you ride legit taxis like Blue Bird, as they will turn the meter on the second you close the door. And they will not charge you any other costs.


As a smart traveler, it’s good to know the common scams that you need to avoid in Bali. Read here for further information about the most common scams to avoid in Bali.

Extreme Activities in Bali

Are you an adrenaline junkie? If yes, you cannot miss adrenaline-pumping activities while you’re going on holiday in Bali.

The natural landscape of Bali allows for thrill-seekers to do extreme activities and sports. From the free-jumping off a cliff to paragliding, all of these activities are available for you to try.


If you love water sports, you can try to flyboarding. Feel the sensation when you fly above the water, just like Iron Man!
Do you prefer a more ‘dangerous’ yet exciting activity? Try jumping from a cliff at Nusa Ceningan. You’ll fly as free as a bird, and then splash to the blue ocean water.


Want to see the view of Bali from the air? In Bali, you also can do paragliding. The nice weather and the view of sea, cliffs, temples and beach below you will make it an unforgettable paragliding experience.


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In Bali’s deaf village, silence is golden

BENGKALA, Indonesia (AFP) – Balinese women dressed in gold bodices dance to rhythmic drumming while waving fans as men in purple outfits sit cross legged around them, jiggling their arms and chanting.

It appears to be just another show on the Indonesian resort island, known for its ancient culture and rituals, but there is a key difference — the dancers are all deaf and cannot hear the beat.

They perform the moves, learnt over months of hard training, from memory.

The village of Bengkala has been home to an unusually large number of deaf people for generations, and nowadays about 40 out of its approximately 3000 residents have severe hearing loss.

Deaf people perform a traditional dance in the village of Bengkala in Bali ©Sonny Tumbelaka (AFP)

But unlike in other parts of Indonesia where they could face mistreatment, local people have taken the deaf residents to their hearts. In many ways, life in the small hamlet has come to revolve around them.

As well as the dance project, a unique sign language called Kata Kolok has been developed in the isolated village which has been mastered by those with hearing impairment, as well as many of those who can hear, prompting interest from scientists around the world.

In addition, deaf villagers are trained in skills such as making handicrafts that can be sold in the heaving tourist resorts of the island, and they work side by side with other villagers in the rice fields.

“Human rights are the same everywhere. So I thought, why should the deaf be ostracised?” said Ketut Kanta, who heads a community group for the village’s deaf residents.

Unique approach

The approach is relatively unique in Indonesia, where the disabled often suffer harsh discrimination.

Bengkala, in northern Bali, has existed for about eight centuries.

Residents often scrape a living tending to the surrounding rice fields and education levels are generally low.

In the past villagers thought the high incidence of deafness was due to a curse but those superstitions — and the prejudices they created — have largely been abandoned after experts concluded it was due to a recessive gene common among the local population.

It was not until the 1960s that the village began to make efforts to better integrate its deaf residents and nowadays everyone is treated equally, according to village head I Made Arpana.

Deaf people perform a traditional dance in the village of Bengkala in Bali ©Sonny Tumbelaka (AFP)

“We don’t differentiate between deaf villagers and non-deaf villagers,” he said, adding that the community did not want the hard of hearing residents to feel “inferior”.

A key factor in creating this peaceful co-existence has been Kata Kolok, which literally translates as “talk of the deaf”, and is used to varying degrees by around 80 percent of the villagers.

It is different to international and Indonesian sign language. It has grown organically over the decades and has its own unique signs created by villagers to reflect how they see the world.

Bright future

Attempts to ensure harmony in the village start at a young age, with a Bengkala elementary school teaching all children side by side.

The 77 students are all given lessons in the local sign language, and are introduced to elements of Indonesian and international signing.

Made Budiasih, whose seven-year-old son goes to the school, said she was worried for his future when they discovered he was deaf at birth, but said the inclusive educational centre had made all the difference.

“I was despairing, but then I found out about this school,” she said.

Still, it is not always easy teaching deaf students as they often become frustrated and act out, according to teacher I Made Wisnu, who has been working at the school for a decade.

All students at a Bengkala elementary school are given lessons in the local sign language, and are introduced to elements of Indonesian and international signing ©SONNY TUMBELAKA (AFP)

There are no junior high schools equipped to teach deaf students, so most have to drop out of the system once they’ve graduated from elementary classes.

Despite the challenges, village chief Arpana is determined to safeguard the unique culture of the hamlet’s deaf community, saying he would be a “sinner” if he did not.

The clearest expression of the village’s warm embrace of its hard of hearing population is the unique project “dance of the deaf”, which has started to draw a trickle of foreign visitors to the out-of-the-way village, giving residents hope for a brighter future.

Tambourine player I Wayan Getar, speaking in sign language through an interpreter, told AFP: “Tourists from China and Europe are coming to watch us, and they really enjoy it.”

What To Do in Bali – Some Pointers You Need to Know While in Bali for a Vacation

Our world has been surrounded with folks that you usually don’t have enough time for yourself.

Working with other people can be stressful. With that said, it’s a good thing for you to take some time off and leave everything behind. One thing that you can do other than staying at home is going on a vacation to experience new things, and the island of Bali might just be the right place for you.

Bali Temples


Bali is located within the Indonesian archipelago. Since most Bali residents embrace Hindu religion, a lot of great temples along with other amazing structures are accessible to see and experience. That is why Bali is given another name, the island of ten thousand temples.”

Going into such temples and viewing these shrines won’t only project a feeling of marvel to any person, but will additionally give a sense of calm and spirituality, stuff that are oftentimes just wanted so badly by the mind and the soul. Going to Bali will give you all these experiences, and perhaps a lot more.

Bali Island

The so called island of the gods, as well as the entire of Indonesia lies right below the equator, allowing it to be among the islands with a consistent climate with its continuous sunshine and a periodic rain for cooling everybody off. The current weather is very ideal for Bali since the island and also the folks have plenty of celebrations during the year that nearly all day is a terrific enough cause to rejoice in something and be a bit grateful for everything you have.

A Religious Experience


In addition to a spiritual experience and plenty of spectacular attractions to see, it’ll likewise offer you an opportunity to discover and help out at various causes, such as the Bali Children’s Project, where you are able to help a number of less privileged kids and lift these individuals out of their poorness and suffering by helping them by way of school-constructing, tutoring, and even with a little bit of cash. Carbon Fund is one other group that you can help, where one can contribute whatever – whether it’s money or time – to help in projects involving alternative energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation.

What To Do In Bali

Other than these charitable events and spiritual experiences that can nourish your heart and soul, this island will amaze your senses and leaves you with a sense of enjoyment for its wonder. While you are in Bali, expect to see crystal clear ocean, volcanic mountain tops and rolling hills.

You’ll be able to discover the best art forms such as for example:

– painting
– sculpture
– dancing
– woodcarving

Should you feel that those things mentioned previously are truly for you and would choose to go to Bali, among the most essential things you need to keep in mind is to address your insurance, so that you’re going to be covered when you’re out to have aesthetic and spiritual experiences.

Read This Before You Enter Kuta Bali

Kuta stands out as the most famous holiday location in Bali with 1000s of travelers rushing annually to take pleasure from the white sandy beach, awesome surf, unlimited shopping possibilities and countless pubs and dance clubs allowing you to dance all night long. There exists a huge amount of fun-based activities in Kuta. Should you be considering a holiday vacation to Bali in the future, you might find these Kuta destination guidelines useful. For info on Kuta Karnival, click the link.

To begin with you will require a place to sleep in. There exists a wide range of rental choices in Kuta cover anything from low cost bungalows to top deluxe resorts. Should you be on a tight budget, many of the less expensive overnight accommodation is grouped around Poppies I and II that begins from about Rp 70,000 for each night. It is best to take a look at the room before you actually pay to find out just what you are getting and keep in mind that haggling is needed.



For better standard overnight accommodation, you will find middle range cottages and bungalows and lots of premium resorts, a few of which have huge resorts right outside of Kuta. There is also the choice of booking an exclusive villa which is often an excellent choice for lovers or households.

You will discover countless shops in Kuta retailing the most common tourist attire – jewelry, sarongs, beach dresses and tops. Also, there are lots of surf outlets selling gear and boards by Billabong, Quicksilver and so forth at far lower price tags compared to some other countries. Additionally, there is the Discovery shopping center filled with various western brand cafes and stores.


You’ll discover many clubs and bars in Kuta which means that there is absolutely no chance of a peaceful night. Drinks made out of ‘arak’ – the regional spirit are extremely famous and the party begins every single night growing busy from about 12 o’clock to earlier hrs in the morning. You’ll also find lots of much more relaxed lounges and bars for a far more stylish experience.

Among the most well-known clubs around Kuta would be the Paddy’s club and Bounty (component of the Bounty Hotel Bali ) and Mbargo. The majority of the tourists to Kuta usually party much every single night and after that rest or go surfing the following day. Additionally, you will find a bunch of awesome beaches a short distance away such as Dreamland Bali in case you get fed up with Kuta.


Kuta Tips

Cabs in Kuta: finding a cab in Bali can be challenging – some (but obviously,,not everyone) are renowned for ripping travelers off, using lengthy ways and definitely not making use of meters. If you aren’t used to Bali, or have no local traveling along, it’s always best to get Bluebird Taxis – they’re light blue which has a bird as the logo. Cabs in Bali are usually grouped as ‘bluebird’ and ‘the others’, therefore when you are uncertain, or looking for a trustworthy cab that continually runs on the meter, stick with the bluebird cabs.

Customs in Kuta

Balinese traditions and culture can be different from whatever you might be used to – remember this when going to temples and various other important places, there are oftentimes rules that are extremely vital to the hometown culture that you must follow, such as for instance having your legs or arms covered.


Safety will be much the same anyplace international you go to – make use of money belts in order to avoid pick pocketing, ensure your accommodation comes with a secured floor, and you should not leave your drink unsupervised while you’re out enjoying yourself. Your local government site should have travel advisories for most places they believe a risk, therefore be sure you check the website out before leaving, and have a chat with your doctor regarding whatever immunizations you might require. Read this to learn about safety tips for traveling by Taxi in Indonesia.

Make Your Bali Holiday Memorable by Staying in Luxury Villas

A holiday vacation in Bali would mean a time period of leisure, happiness and restoration. It is an island with some sort of cultural character rich in tradition, religion and art and the tempo of life means that you can have pleasure in your interests and really get away from the hardship of daily job. It is an island that is loaded with awesome contrasts, various scenery and spotless beaches. You’ll be able to unwind on the calm beaches at Brawa or perhaps surf at Kuta beach. Those of you that enjoy shopping, you will find markets, such as those at Sukawati, Jimbaran and Denpasar.


The locals believe the purpose of life is always to have a harmonious, peaceful and balanced life and being on this faboulous island gives you the ability to push towards that aim too. You may visit destinations of spiritual importance like the beautiful Uluwatu temple or just savor within the beautiful landscape of Bali.

People who go to the island for a bit of relaxation and peace away from the busyness of their lives usually prefer to rent Bali villas. You’ll find so many kinds of exclusive villas in Bali, starting the ones that are pretty straight forward and stylish to the ones that are smartly luxurious. From Tegallalang to Cangu, private villas can be easily found. In case you’re into water-based activities, you might want to rent an exclusive villa at Tanjung Benoa. On the other hand, if you’d like to enjoy Bali’s best diners, you could try to stay in Legian or Sanur.


It doesn’t matter where you decide to stay, an exclusive villa will provide you with the privacy you need, while still keeping near the recreational pursuits that are readily available at this amazing holiday spot. Exclusive villas provide you with a sanctuary during the night after a full day seeing ancient temples, browsing the local markets or surfboarding at the beach. This type of holiday accommodation means that you can completely unwind and get prepared for the following day. A villa isn’t only an indoor paradise, but you’ll be also able to take pleasure in a secure and private outdoor space too. It can also be a wonderful oasis if the requirements of coming to another country, bargaining with other currency and a new language all get way too much.

Bali exclusive villas are excellent monetary value and come with additional extras such as for instance housekeeping staff and chefs. This sort of individual treatment means that your vacation in Bali will continue to be a precious memory for many years into the long run. You’ll not quickly forget the feeling of staying in a breathtaking surroundings and being spoiled by staff who genuinely want to help make your stay free of problems.


The workers at exclusive villas find it a huge thrill to host the guests. They understand how to get the strain out of an international holiday and they can supply you with numerous recommendations for spots to see such as ceremonies in Ubud. People who go with a private villa for their holiday accommodation say they’re really happy that they wanted to treat themselves on vacation with the once a lifetime experience of living in a villa rather than in a hotel. The luxury, spaciousness and service were really worth the few more bucks they spent in making their vacation just that a whole lot more amazing.

To learn about the Do’s and Don’ts for Tourists and Hosts in Rajasthan, please visit the website.

A Bit of Bali Here and There

Bali can become a fantastic excursion for friends and family with its beautiful beaches and breathtaking Islands. It really is a get away from everyday activity that you and your folks are going to appreciate. You’ll be able to enjoy vacationing and exploring Bali with its many selections of Bali trips that runs from forest trekking, sea cruises, whitewater rafting, scuba diving and mountain biking. Viewing Bali with these amazing tours they’ve got readily available will be a fun encounter that friends and family will delight in. Bali is indeed a travel destination for most travelers every time they visit Indonesia since Bali is irresistible to most travelers for its unique culture. This is especially true if you travel to places like Ubud, where it also referred as the cultural hub of Bali. (for information about paragliding in puncak, click the link)


When visiting Bali for your holiday, it’s never an instance of what will you find or have during the vacation, but instead how long can you spend to take pleasure in all that the island has to present . Many of us look at beach locations and white sand once wondering about Bali and relate the place as being primarily one specific beach vacation. Although you’ll find so many holiday resorts near the beach front to chill at, it’s just a small-part of the many Bali attractions out there. The premier accommodations will all provide you with the chance to do a little touring on the island as a standard in-house service, even when they do not provide it, they will organize the things you want to do wherever it might be. For tourists remaining in budget holiday accommodations with minimal services, they can still enjoy Bali with so many activities.


The beach destinations is of course very popular, but it’s when you finally go into the warm water that you begin to truly enjoy all Bali has to offer. Tours throughout the island include most common activities such as surfing, diving and day fishing trips, however there are several more unusual under water activities available to you. Sea walking is quite sought after around the small island of Lembongan. When you sea walking, you will wear a helmet which has an oxygen hose linked to and walk-around the sea floor but without the heavy tanks and the usual gear as if when you’re scuba diving. One other very popular water action in Bali happens to be whitewater rafting which offers tours for kids of 5 years of age. In regards to safety, all the operators are really well put together and comply with world safety requirements. Besides the water-based activities, there are other inland excursions that are equally fascinating and can get your heart pumping.


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Let’s Plan a Holiday to Bali

Bali Island – Simply The Best Plan for Your Holiday

Exploring the volcanoes that extend from the west to east coast can be fun, specially when you reach the peak and jump-off with your para glider. Some para gliding tours can be found in operation due to the abundant spots that exist to launch from. In case flying isn’t suitable for you, stop by the elephant safari park widely known as among the best ones worldwide. They provide for quick rides for kids and extended treks across the Balinese country side. Most likely it won’t be as exciting as most of the other pursuits, but once you are sitting on top of a 7 foot elephant, your heart are sure to beat quicker. If you think these activities appear way too much, then you can certainly take your own private tour at your own schedule like taking a Bali shopping tour which is going to be just as much enjoyable as other things. Among the wonderful aspects of Bali would be the fact that it never ever disappoints, almost always there is one thing that leaves you awestruck and kept with thoughts for an entire life.