Enjoying a Great Vacation in Bali

First, what you have to do to enjoy your vacation in Bali is choosing the villa. To achieve this, all you got to do is simply using the internet to look for rental accommodation in Bali. There are many villas and vacation houses already available all over Bali. If your budget allows, you better pick a villa because it feels just like home compare to staying in a hotel room. With all the services included in a villa, your stay will even be better than home. Because of the price that is considered not cheap, Villas offer its guests some sort of luxurious stay. You can choose villas with different style and design that suit your needs.


Having decided which villa to rent, now you can go ahead and plan out your tour and travel in Bali. There are several ways to accomplish this. For example, most villas will be more than happy to arrange such things for you. Usually, these villas in Bali have already prepared their travel itinerary for people wishing to explore the magnificent island thoroughly. They even have their own vehicles and tour guides to make things easier. When using their service, feel free to let them know what places you are most interested in visiting or letting them come up with some ideas and lead you all the way. Most of the time, as a tourist you don’t know all the best spots in Bali. However, these guys are the expert on this kind of things, and they surely know interesting places to check out, even places that are not yet popular among tourists. Again, if you don’t know where to go and what to see, just let them surprise you with things they have in mind.


If you’d like to organize the tour on your own, you must start thinking about some beautiful historical sites, beaches, shopping centers and theme parks to take pleasure in Bali entirely. For example, whether or not you are going to Bali alone or with your family, walking on the Kuta Beach can be a good idea. Try something different, challenge yourself to surf, not just swimming. For those don’t know how to surf, there are plenty of surfing courses available at the beach that you can take. The Kuta Beach has actually fantastic ocean any time of year. Also, shopping malls can be found a few steps away. Excellent dining establishments are just a short distance away.


A whole-day tour is great if you are exploring Denpasar, the central city of Bali. In spite of the pollution and traffic, travelers can’t resist checking out the city particularly the Bali Museum as well as its famous three-lined avenues. The presence of the traditional market has made the city a lot more recognized to travelers. The truth is, some travel agencies have considered touring Denpasar among the must-experience pursuits. With that said, you should never leave Bali without having a look at its capital.

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For animal lovers, West Bali National Park is something worth checking out. You will see the various animals at that place, along with wildlife attractions. During August to December, which is also known as the dry season, travelers can have the chance to see the rare Bali starling. The birds are so rare, and you can consider yourself lucky if you see one. You can also pay a guide for the tour around the park, and you will be shown with all the best spots available.


Moving from all things animals, you can now drive to Kintamani to explore the historic site. The location set in the upland region of Bali and was actually the region’s biggest city around a thousand years back. Kintamani lays within a haven like place where in fact the major lake in Bali can be found near the area. What’s interesting about the lake is that the lake itself is located in the midst of a volcanic crater. Other than this, you can also enjoy the hot springs and calm beaches around the area. Again, if you need a guide to show you around, feel free to ask the villa management.

These places mentioned above are only a handful of what you can experience in Bali. There are lots of tourist attractions and activities that you can do while you are there. So, make sure you plan your holiday the right way to visit all the interesting places Bali has to offer.