14 Shocking Facts About The Female Body

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10. Female muscles and tendons actually contain more elastin then men, who can build more strength. Guys can get the biceps but we’ll always have the flexibility. And isn’t flexibility always helpful in getting your way out of a stick situation? This is why women only turn their head when taking a call, but men turn their whole bodies. Flexible necks FTW.

11. Women have more pain receptors, but a higher pain tolerance! We are Wolverine! This is due to estrogen, which helps out in blocking inflammatory processes, hence living us a badass pain tolerance. Guys would whimper if they had to deal with period pains, but we take it like champs, ’cause we were built like that!

12. We are more likely to experience anxiety, due to our elevated levels of estradiol, cortisol (if you’re stressed a lot you’ve probably heard that one) and estradiol. Anxiety sucks, but it also makes us better at sensing oncoming dangers and threats. So appreciate that female intuition and remind yourself of it every time you’re stressed 🙂

13. Women generally have more nightmares, and are lighter sleeper than men. The University of West England discovered that this is because of the strong link to these dreams’ emotions, which translates our anxiety (thanks, previous point) into nightmares. We’re also lighter sleepers because our brain activity only lowers 10 percent in our sleep. Someone sing us a lullaby stat!



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