15 Hilarious Gym Fails… Dont Be This Person

Its not easy to decide that its time to hit the gym. For the most of us, gym is that place where you go when you start noticing that your stomach is not going anywhere. However, there are some people who have bigger problems than their stomachs. Gym equipment, exercises and people around can be too much sometimes. And of course, there are people who cannot handle all these circumstances too well and they just- fail! But we should thank them because they make gyms funny. They also hurt themselves a lot or they decide that gym is not for them, but they sure make gyms funny!

Source: www.cavemancircus.com

Source: www.cavemancircus.com

1. Does this look safe to you? It certainly doesnt look too safe to us! Lets be honest, this guy is basically standing on a ball, hoping that nothing will go wrong so he doesnt break his neck. And there are so many things that can go wrong here. We get it, he is working on all his muscles and he is proving that he is the master of balance, but does he really have to do a circus trick at the gym? If he survived this trick, we hope he never tried again.

17 Creative Summer Activities For You and Your Dog

Summer is here! If you are a pet owner, that means one thing- the list of things you and your dog can do together just got longer! It also means that you need to be careful so you and your little fury friend spend a wonderful but also, safe summer together. As you already know, its not so hard to entertain your puppy. They will always find a way to make an adventure out of anything, but in order to make it more fun for yourself, we made a list of things that will make this summer so great! So we suggest you sit down with your pup and check out what we have planned for you!

Source: www.thebigsundayco.tumblr.com

Source: www.thebigsundayco.tumblr.com

1. If your dog loves water, this is just the perfect activity for you two: stand-up paddle boarding is the real fun activity! You can rent a board on a lake if you are hitting the beach, and many rentals will allow your pet to hop on the board. Sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding are not just for humans- they are for puppies as well! Just have in mind that your pup has to wear a life vest because it can be dangerous if it falls into the water.

10 Stress-Relieving Products You’ll Want to Buy ASAP

Stress is something throw our way daily, and it can be tough to combat sometime when you’re feeling down and weary. They say material things aren’t the key to happiness, but when you’re in need of some dire relaxation, that’s not always true. Incorporate these items into your week that will either invigorate you or help you keep your zen amidst the chaos.

1. Mermaid Tail Blanket
Have a case of the Mondays? When you get home, nothing will be better than snuggling up with your favorite movie in this chic and comfy mermaid tail blanket. Are your feet always cold when you snuggle up on the couch? This cheeky tail will make sure your toes stay nice and toasty, and make you feel like Ariel.

2. Giant Smiley Stress Ball
What’s better than a stress ball sitting in the palm of your hand? A jumbo stress ball sitting in the palm of both hands! Squeeze both your hands around this guy and pretend it’s your arch nemesis to drain some of that day’s stress away. Big squishy things are always more satisfying than smaller squishy things!




14 Shocking Facts About The Female Body

It’s no secret, men and women can sometimes seem like they’re from different planets. But the biological differences actually run much deeper than you might think, and in some pretty surprising ways. Scientists might find men to be superior in strength, but these facts prove that women are secretly superheroes, and superior in many other ways 😉

1. Women live longer than men. More precisely, about 5 years on average. Scientists tend to think that women generally live healthier lifestyles (every guy eating a soda and pizza right now is about to feel some guilt), and our bodies fight off infection and illnesses better than dudes can! Hah.

2. They’re better at multitasking. The Journal of Neuroscience proved that the female corpus callosum is larger than the male corpus callosum, and that’s the part that’s responsible for effective multi-tasking. Obviously we need this skill to help the narrow-minded men with horse blinders on!

3. They have better cognitive memories than guys. In 2010, a study in London confirmed that middle aged women could remember words more than men. Our facial memory is also better. Boom.




Ineffective Exercises You Should Avoid Doing

Everyone is looking to transform their body. Creating a workout routine that will allot them time and quick results. Matching a diet to the perfect workout regiment can prove to be tough. Its even harder to stick to it. There are plenty of exercises that you may or may not know about. Depending on your fitness goal some of the exercises you are doing may not have a positive effect, if any effect on your body. This list contains some of the most ineffective exercises and why. Some of them are very common and may shock you.

Tricep Bench Dips



Tricep bench dips focus on building strength in the triceps. In actuality this exercise puts unnecessary stress on the shoulders. It is not a natural position for the arms to be in. Instead just do regular dips. They are safer and work out the entire arm and not just the triceps. Another alternative to tricep bench dips is the triangle push-up. It targets not only the triceps, but also engages muscles in your chest, shoulders and core.

8 Celebrities With a Heart of Gold

Becoming famous isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of talent, effort and dedication to climb to the top and become a celebrity. But once you’re finally there it’s easy for celebs to just live the dream life and forget about the troubles that they no longer have to deal with. After all, they’ve got it made, they can just lounge around their swimming pool, sipping a cocktail, reaping the benefits of the celebrity life they worked hard to achieve. They could just spend all their money getting themselves extravagant cars, houses, helicopters and private islands, and a lot of them do just that. But there are exceptions. There are celebs who choose to donate their money to charities or spend it on others, funding the causes they believe in. These are the celebrities with a heart of gold.

1. Ellen Degeneres
Ellen Degeneres is really generous when it comes to donating her time and money to good causes. She’s a big believer in animal rights and supports a lot of charities that help animals, one of them being The Gentle Barn, which provides homes to abused animals. She has supported around 50 charities, the most notable ones being the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Artists Against Racism, Children’s Health Fund, Everyone Matters, Feeding America and The Trevor Project. She also always make sure to set aside time on her show to feature people who need help and raise money for good causes. She once even dedicated a whole season of her show to helping viewers in need. She’s also no stranger to surprising people in need with gifts and huge money certificates to help them out.

2. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have lot on their hands, what with managing their busy lives and taking care of their many children. But they always find time to work with charities and donate money to causes they believe in. They even created their own Jolie-Pitt Foundation, that’s dedicated to eradicate extreme rural poverty. Each year they donate millions of dollars to various charities, including but not limited to Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, SOS Children’s Villages, Kids In Need Of Defense, Cancer Schmancer Movement and Women in The World Foundation.




15 Worthless Exercises You Are Probably Doing

Working out is never easy. Not to mention the time you spend on convincing yourself to start exercising and all the sweat you give in order to look and feel good. But there is a catch- you might be doing completely worthless exercises. We dont want to scare you, but these exercises usually have no value when it comes to toning your body. There are certain moves and techniques that may seem effective, but in reality they are just a waste of time. Thats why we made a list of the most popular exercises that are completely worthless and you shouldnt waste your time on them anymore.

Source: www.onefiftydips.com

Source: www.onefiftydips.com

1. The triceps bench dip is one of the most popular exercises. It requires you to sit on one of two benches placed in positions parallel to one another. Basically, you place your arms on the bench behind you and your feet on the bench in front, and you raise and lower yourself in a series of repetition. The truth is, this exercise doesnt have many benefits for you. There are better exercises for your arms and your back that dont require this position, and one of them are regular dips.

15 Things Women Find Sexier Than Good Looks

Men usually think that women are very complicated. According to many men out there, women are often hard to read, they often change their moods and opinions and they all want a perfect man! Is it really like that? We think that women are not more complicated than any man- were just different. But there is one thing that every man would like to know about the woman he likes and that is- whats her type? Men often think that every woman has a type of man, an image of her favorite guy with brown or blond hair, with or without a beard, in a tux or casually dressed… But let us tell you something, you are wrong! There are many things that women appreciate even more than good looks and we are presenting you the top 15.

Source: www.popsugar.com.au

Source: www.popsugar.com.au

1. His sense of humor. If you make a girl laugh, you are doing the right thing. However, if you are trying to make a joke and she has no reaction, stop. Also, if she looks at you and she is confused by what you are saying, stop. And if she is about to leave because the joke you made, abort everything and never speak again. But seriously, women love men who make them laugh because it shows intelligence and intelligence is very sexy!

This House Is Filled With Trash From Top To Bottom… But Go Inside. You’ll Love It.

If you walked by this house on the University of Brighton”s campus, you might not think twice about it. If you took a closer look, though, your jaw would drop to the floor. This house, from top to bottom, is entirely made of garbage. Literally. The Waste House was designed by studio BBMs director Duncan Baker-Brown, along with undergraduate students at the university. It was built by apprentices from the social housing maintenance provider Mears, as well as other local students. This will make you think twice about what you do with your trash… it quite literally could be another mans treasure (or at least his house).

The walls are covered in used carpet tiles and are insulated with junk, including floppy discs and toothbrushes.

The walls are covered in used carpet tiles and are insulated with junk, including floppy discs and toothbrushes.

It certainly doesn”t look like junk from afar.

It certainly doesn

The architects claim that the Waste House is the UK”s first permanent building constructed with garbage.

The architects claim that the Waste House is the UK

The designers hope to inspire others, showing that “junk” can be used for so much more.

The designers hope to inspire others, showing that

Traditionally, these materials are undervalued.

Traditionally, these materials are undervalued.

“It”s about proving that you can build something with other people”s stuff, and that you can make a permanent building out of rubbish,” Baker-Brown told Dezeen.


Getting this building plan approved was a challenge.

Getting this building plan approved was a challenge.

But well worth it.

But well worth it.

Do This to Put Romance Back Into Marriage

Even though you had gone on your honeymoon, sometimes you might wish to disappear with your spouse for a great week or more at a high-end holiday location. Whether you’re avoiding the kids or simply a couple of meddlesome animals, there’s no question that you wish to revamp your love for this one unique vacation. Allow me to share 5 of my preferred ideas to assist you to get the maximum attachment capacity from your unique high-end vacation. Even if you’re not going on a high-end vacation, these suggestions can help you to discover a little additional love in your everyday lives.


1. Have an experience. Whether or not you’re checking out a new city, a historical ruin, or an unknown street with each other, finding interesting, and brand-new locations can bind you together as a couple in a manner that a pair of other things can. And if you’re on vacation, you’ll wish to get to whatever your vacation location needs to use. Poking around without a tourist guide might cause some terrific discoveries, and you’ll have come across them together, developing fun stories.


2. Head out for an elegant dinner. What states love much better than a nice dress and a pricey meal? It might be consumerism. However, it works. And absolutely nothing will get you in the state of mind faster than a smooth red gown that you understand you look fantastic in. Even if you cannot pay for the fanciest dining establishment around the city, dress up anyhow; the waitress have seen it all before, and you’ll enjoy the loving glances the both of you bring in. Seeming like you are on a romantic date can remind you of earlier times of your relationship and revive the enthusiasm and enjoyment of a brand-new relationship.

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3. Prepare an evening in with a romantic movie and a candle lit dinner you have made together. This is among the very best concepts I can consider for love in any place. State your nature fans and avoid to a self-catering cabin for the weekend, where you need to make all your very own food. By doing this, you would have the chance to pick glamorous active ingredients that possibly you would not trouble with in regular life, open a bottle of wine, and just delight in the very best food that you can potentially make together. Even if you’re only seeking to amp up the love of a night in your home, this is a great concept.

Silhouette of couple walking on beach at sunset holding hands. Horizontally framed shot.

4. Opt for a walk at golden. Hold hands and imagine you are teens once again. Discover the most lovely area in your location and view the sunset together. This is best for beach vacations for instance. You’ll marvel just how romantic to go on a long walk at the beach is. However, it likewise works if you are only walking down a city block or tree-lined street. What is essential is reserving time to take pleasure in each other’s company merely.

Hawaii, Oahu, Waikiki, Couple enjoy breakfast in bed.

5. Have morning meal in bed. Whether or not you order in room service or make breakfast on your own, this is the ideal start to a romantic day expended in bed. Sit back for some relaxing time with each other and decide not to get out of bed till midday – pay no attention to whatever else and boom together.